Muslim Interscholastic Tournament

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4th February 2008

Creating Teams

The following restrictions apply to all students competing in MIST

Private/Public Schools

  1. Whether or not a high school currently has an MSA, the students must form/join the MIST team from their own high school. All students from a school must register together as one team.
  2. If the MSA as a whole chooses not to participate in the tournament, the few members who would like to join MIST can still represent their high school.
  3. If the high school does not have an MSA, try your best to form an Islamic educational organization open to students/faculty of any religion, gender, or national origin in your high school, if you do not have one already, refer to How to form an MSA. Having an organization or MSA will make it easier to keep registration organized.
  4. If you are unable to form an MSA or student organization, you can:
    • Try convincing another cultural organization or even your high school to sponsor MIST as an official extracurricular activity. This may help to ensure that your absence is excused if your MIST-Regional is scheduled to start on a weekday.
    • If this does not work, you may still take part in MIST by unofficially representing your school. Print the Parent Permission Letter, get it signed by your parent or guardian, and turn it in to your school. You must follow all other registration instructions.

Home Schooled Students

In order to join MIST, home schooled students must follow guidelines set by Region. Contact Regional Registration Headquarter for information. Qualifications to join MIST are based on your age and your school grade. Refer to Age restrictions for more information.

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