1. Each school team or individual student must be registered under a coach, and that coach must be a teacher, administrator, parent, sibling, or mentor older than 21.
  2. Coach assistants must be 18 years or older, unless otherwise specified by the region.  A coach assistant can not replace the duties or presence of the coach.
  3. The coach will be responsible for all of his/her students throughout the entire tournament. It will NOT be the MIST Staff’s responsibility to discipline the students. All problems will be noted and addressed to a student’s coach directly.
  4. All concerns a student has at MIST regarding fairness of rules, etc must be addressed to the coach, who will then address those concerns to the designated Coaches’ Manager. Students may not bring these issues directly to the MIST Regional Director or Staff on the days of MIST.
  5. The coach will be the contact in case of an emergency, or if the student needs to be reached by his/her parent or guardian.
  6. The coach must keep track of each student he/she is supervising and make sure they follow the MIST Rules and Regulations. He/she is responsible for setting meeting points and making sure the students are in their respective competitions or workshops on time.
  7. Students will not be able to check-in at MIST unless their coach is present.
  8. The coach must sign the student’s signature form BEFORE the student’s parent. He/she can only be a student’s coach if the parent has approved of him/her with their signature.
  9. A team can have more than one coach. Registration must be completed for each coach.