Category I: Knowledge and Quran
Knowledge Tests
 - Book 1
 - Book 2
 - Book 3
 - Book 4
Quran Memorization (Brothers and Sisters)
 - Level 1
 - Level 2
 - Level 3
 - Level 4

Category II: Arts
2D Art
3D Art
Fashion Design
Graphic Design

Category III: Writing and Oratory
Extemporaneous Essay
Extemporaneous Speaking
Original Oratory
Prepared Essay
Short Fiction
Spoken Word

Category IV: Bracket Competitions
Math Olympics
MIST Quiz Bowl
Improv (Brothers and Sisters)

Category V: Group Projects
Business Venture
Nasheed/Rap (Brothers and Sisters)
Community Service
Science Fair
Short Film
Social Media

Category VI: Sports
Basketball (Brothers and Sisters)