Logistics and Initial Registration

+ Eligibility

New for 2018: Only the top 3 ranking competitors in each competition are eligible to compete. Check your region's website for a full listing of winners.

+ Registration Information

Registration is now closed.

Be sure to note the following dates and registration information on your calendar so you can keep track of the deadlines. All dates/times are 11:59PM EST.

  • Early Registration & Housing for Competitors & Guests - $175: May 8 - June 4 at 11:59 PM
  • Late Registration & Housing for Competitors & Guests - $190: June 5 - June 18 at 11:59 PM
  • Coach Registration & Housing - $120 or $145 for coaches above a 1:10 ratio coach:competitor ratio
  • Tickets for entry to the Awards Ceremony only may be released on July 5 (if space is available)

New for 2018 - registration fees covers the cost of housing + tournament entry. This includes housing at Hofstra University for Friday and Saturday nights, tournament participation, Awards Ceremony entry, Friday lunch and dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch, and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

Registration for Nationals is run through the same system as your regional tournament at web.adderpit.com/MIST.

Attendees are requested to bring $20-$30 of personal spending money for their own snacks and for the field trip.

+ Signature & Waiver Forms

Competitors and Guests of any age must complete and sign (by their parent/guardian if under the age of 18) the Student Signature Sheet. Coaches of any age must complete and sign the Coach Contract.

All forms must be turned in electronically here, on 7/29/19.

+ Venues

Registration, orientation, and all competitions will be held at Hofstra University in the Sondra and David S. Mack Student Center and the Breslin Hall. Accommodations will be at Hofstra University in Colonial Square Residence Halls. The Awards Ceremony will be at Hofstra University in the John Cranford Adams Playhouse. All venues at Hofstra University are within walking distance.

The basketball and field trip venues will be posted here once finalized. These locations are not within walking distance of Hofstra University and transportation will only be provided to those competitors/guests/coaches who traveled with their region to NYC and paid a group rate.

+ Financial Aid

Financial Aid is now closed.

To apply for financial aid, please fill out the Financial Aid Form and submit it by 11:59PM EST on May 27th. Financial aid requests will be evaluated on a rolling basis, and applicants can expect to receive responses starting on May 28th. Competitors that submit an application should not finalize or close their individual or team’s registration until a decision is rendered.

Weekend Details

+ Getting to Hofstra

Please contact your MIST region on information on travel packages. If you intend to travel to New York on your own or with your family, here are some tips:

  • We recommend flying into the JFK or LaGuardia airports. Taxis and Lyfts are available to Hofstra University from both and will take about 30-60 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • We do not recommend flying into Newark - taxi/Lyft rates to Hofstra University are typically around $100.
  • The MTA (New York City subway) does not connect to Hofstra University. The nearest train station is LIRR Freeport, about 15 minutes driving distance from Hofstra.

If you do not arrive in NYC with your region’s travel package, no transportation will be provided for you at MIST Nationals.

+ Schedule

The tournament will begin at noon on Friday, August 3rd, and end at 6PM on Sunday, August 5th. All competitors/guests/coaches are required to be present on Friday for registration and orientation. Basketball will be held on Friday evening, and the rest of the competitions will be held throughout Saturday and Sunday.

+ Accomodations

Competitors, Guests, and Coaches will be housed at the Hofstra Colonial Square Residence Halls or the Nassau-Suffolk Residence Halls. For more information, check out these links:

Hofstra Colonial Square Residence Halls are on-campus student housing at Hofstra University, within walking distance of most venues for MIST Nationals. The Residence Halls are located within an enclosed space surrounding a central courtyard and will exclusively house MIST participants for the duration of Nationals. Hofstra Nassau/Suffolk Halls are on-campus student housing at Hofstra University, within walking distance of most venues for MIST Nationals. New for 2018 - registration fees covers the cost of housing + tournament entry.

Wifi and breakfast will be included. Each suite has two individual bedrooms surrounding a shared common room and bathroom. Each bedroom has two beds. Suites can accommodate a maximum of four individuals.

Competitors/parents cannot book rooms on their own through the University. Please contact newyork@getmistified.com with questions.

MIST New York Competitors and Coaches may fill out this form by June 4 to request an unbundled registration fee so they do not need to stay in provided housing.

Competitions Details

+ Coalition Team Registration & Rules

Coalition Team Registration is now closed.

We understand your entire team cannot always participate at Nationals, so to ensure you meet the minimum requirement of participants, competitors within the same region may work together, as a coalition team, for any of the following competitions:

  • Group Projects (1-6 competitors – note that the minimum is 1)
  • MIST Quiz Bowl (2-6 competitors)
  • Debate (2 competitors)
  • Improv (4-6 competitors)
  • Basketball (5-10 competitors)

Each coalition team must email registration@getmistified.com by 11:59 PM EST on June 30th to approve their coalition team. The email should include the complete list of competitor names, the school name and team name each competitor is registered with, the region they are competing from, and the competition they are competing in, for each coalition team (please follow example below).

  • Coalition team for Business Venture:
  • Khadija Mohamed; Kaimuki High School; Team Kaimuki; Hawaii
  • Leslie Smith; Moanalua High School; Moanalua Koalas; Hawaii
  • Yahya Khan; Moanalua High School; Moanalua Koalas; Hawaii

All coalition teams must follow these rules:

  1. All competitors competing on each coalition team must be qualifiers for Nationals 2017 in that competition (placed 1st - 3rd in that specific competition).
    1. Example: Aisha and Maryam placed 4th in Improv from Moanalua High School, and Laila and Zahra placed 2nd from Kiamuki High School at MIST Hawaii 2017. They can compete in Improv at Nationals 2017 as a coalition team for Improv. Mona and her team placed 6th in Improv, and Ameena did not compete in Improv at Regionals. Neither Mona or Ameena can compete in Improv at Nationals 2017, not even with the coalition team.
  2. A maximum of two (2) separate schools may register as a coalition team for the allowed competitions, with the exception of basketball (which may include multiple schools to form a coalition).
  3. The coalition team must abide by the minimum/maximum number of competitors defined above.
    1. Example: MIST Quiz Bowl will still require 2-6 members, but they can come from a max of two (2) schools.
  4. Coalition teams will be counted as one team, and as such regular team rules apply for each competition, this includes one unified submission per coalition team.
    1. Example: Moanalua High School placed 1st in Quiz Bowl and Kiamuki High School placed 2nd in the same competition, but only one competitor from each team is able to come to Nationals. They can compete together to fulfill the minimum for Quiz Bowl (2 competitors).
    2. Note: For best results in Group Projects, either expand on one team’s project from Regionals or work together on a new project. Group Project outlines/abstracts with a 4-week early submission deadline still require approval.
  5. No substitutions will be allowed for any competitions. This means that a competitor who did not qualify for a competition during Regionals will not be able to compete during Nationals in place of their teammate.

+ Competition Rules

Updated competitions prompts for Nationals will be posted here soon. Competitions will be judged based on the Official MIST Rulebook 2018. If you have any questions, please email competitions@getmistified.com.

The pilot competitions listed below are only offered at Regionals, and will NOT be offered at Nationals:

  • Scrapbook
  • Culinary Arts
  • Mobile Apps
  • Soccer
  • Dodgeball
  • American Sign Language
  • French Oratory
  • French Prepared Essay

+ Early Submission Forms & Deadlines

Due by July 6th at 11:59 PM EST:

Due by July 20th at 11:59PM EST:

All materials must be submitted online via the submission links above.

+ Competition Materials

If you have any questions, please email competitions@getmistified.com.