Registration Instructions

NOTE: These instructions are for the individual who will be in charge of registration for his or her high school. Contact your region’s Registration Headquarters to see if someone is already registering students from your high school before starting these procedures. If there is no MIST-Regional being planned in your area, contact

Students sign up for competitions, register guests, and pay registration fees all online via Adderpit. After reading the reminders below, read the How to Register for MIST Regionals page for a general idea on instructions. If you have any questions about the registration process contact us at

A few reminders as you are getting your team together:

Choose a Registrar. The Registrar can be any competitor on the team, the team coach, or an individual affiliated with the team (ex: a parent). The role of the Registrar is to ensure that team members are registering in a timely manner and that each member signed up for the correct competitions. This role requires an individual of maturity and responsibility -so choose your team’s Registrar accordingly.

Create a Username. In order to create a username, each individual must have a valid, working, unique email address. Members of the same family cannot share email addresses and each individual MUST have their own email address.

Create Team Lettering. Also, try to establish lettering criteria so that 1-5 place winners of MIST from your team and other members of your MSA can letter and receive letter jackets if your school has them. More information about Lettering

Review Rules & Eligibility. Before registering, carefully read our rules for creating your teams that apply to all private, public, and home schooled students. You should also review the age restrictions for this year. Be sure to also read the Rules and Restrictions section. This will give you information such as dress code, leaving the tournament early, venue rules…etc. All students must be familiar with these rules and follow them. Failure to follow tournament rules will result in disqualification.

Creating Teams

How to Register for MIST Regionals

Coach Requirements

Dates and Fees


NOTE: All work MUST be original and created by the competitor(s) himself. By submitting your work you are agreeing that MIST has the right to return or keep all work/submissions/entries.